Stora P
Clean low profile technical lighting for enhanced workspace lighting.

Rectangular luminaire for pendant mounting, constructed using an innovative extruded aluminium profile that does not have a joint at the corners.


Incorporating the latest convex structure micro prism diffusing panel, a homogenous glare free light distribution is achieved and compliance to EN 12464.


Clear acrylic covered slots in the rear of the body provide a degree of indirect lighting on the ceiling.

Technical Data

Each brilliant point of LED light is softened and distributed by the crystal clear microprism lens. The resulting light is perfectly controlled, preventing glare and highly efficient due to the laser etched conical lens design and highly optically transparent material.

Optical technology




Frame is constructed from anodised Aluminium extrusion without corner joints
Integral DALI dimmable driver for simple installation
LED boards are fabricated by us in Germany using Samsung Chips
Microprism panel achieves glare control to EN 12464
Stora-P images
Stora-P models
Pendant Rectangular
Pendant Square
Pendant Round
All versions Available with colour 830 and/or DALI dimming on request. Output is luminaire lumens unless otherwise stated
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