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Wave goodbye to boring lighting

SINUS takes its inspiration from sinusoidal wave forms and its smooth undulations result in an elegant sculptural fitting, perfect for areas requiring a feature piece that doesn’t compromise on performance or efficiency.
Sinus Luminaire shown end on
The five flowing profiles rise and fall side-by-side and combine three downlight and two uplight runs, creating the wave-like structure.


Each of the five profiles act as a heatsink for the 120 LEDs, which are mounted along the runs. SINUS has a combined output of 6500lm and is suspended by Spectral’s trademark cabling which doubles up as the power supply.

Sinus' mathematically derived form
echoes the wave like nature of the Spectra of light itself

New cost equation

In their relentless drive for efficiency, our German engineers have developed a new way of making Sinus just as good but now far more affordable.

Sinus features

Sinus is a brand new luminaire from Spectral lighting



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