Technical Data
Lighting and sculpture
as one

The Plafou represents the end of a chain of development which has evolved to create the perfect symbiosis of form, lighting function and subtle charm.

Plafou Installation

What sets this luminaire decisively apart is its ability to make its physical self seem to disappear, leaving only the impression of light which is both enchanting and at the same time wholly practical. Apparently weightless, Plafou appears to hover over the room like a sculpture in light.

Light in space
The magic of light united in material, form and function
Plafou Details

iF Award

Forum Design

Plafou: a face that fits
With its subtle styling, Plafou connects whole storeys as
a continuous line of light from inside and out. Whether in
teaching rooms, VDU workstations or in the board room,
the Plafou has a face that fits.
Plafou Downloads
Plafou LED Silver
Plafou LED White
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