With Nordic clarity, it bathes the room in a mild pleasant light

Crisp linear styling, unmistakable design and top quality materials are the key features of this luminaire range. The different forms of Norea Purist and minimal in their design, these luminaires quietly and reliably do their job like well-trained servants. Their finely framed luminous surface makes them instantly recognisable.
Technical Data
Why Norea? 

• Light goes right to the edge  

• Beautifully finished anodised aluminium trim

• Back light glow

• Sizes to the scale of the space

• Modular illuminated ceiling


Illuminated Surfaces

Norea illuminated ceilings


Norea illuminated ceilings encompassing any conceivable number of panels are the living prooof of what can be achieved by pursuing a good idea through to its logical conclusion. Because of the minimal dimensions of the profile, an optically cohesive, smooth surface is created, structured only by a delicate and even grid formation.Light Panels The design of the profile ensures optimum access, easy inspection of the prefitted technical components and simple lamp changing. While providing a good quality of light and high LOR, the distribution of light over the surfaces creates an even and homogenous effect.

Norea projects
Norea models
Surface Square Large
Surface Square Medium
Surface Square Small
Surface Rectangular Large
Surface Rectangular Medium
Surface Rectangular Small
Surface Round Large
Surface Round Small
Pendant Rectangular Large
Pendant Rectangular Medium
Pendant Rectangular Small
Pendant Round Large
Pendant Round Small
Wall Square Large
Wall Square Medium
Wall Square Small
Wall Round Large
Wall Round Small
Recessed Square Large
Recessed Square Medium
Recessed Square Small
All versions Available with colour 830 and/or DALI dimming on request. Output is luminaire lumens unless otherwise stated
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