Day 7 – Carlisle to Kilmarnock

At some point there was bound to be a day where you wanted to throw the bike over the hedge and return on the train! Today was certainly that day. Battling a 25 miles an hour head wind and riding on atrocious road surfaces on the A76, today was tough to say the least.  That coupled with the fact that by the end of today where is the nearest 600 miles doesn’t matter our legs are extremely weary and we all really feeling it now.

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Day 6 – Preston to Carlisle

The numbers are rising now. Two milestones today – half way in terms of miles and we hit 500 miles in total. And the aches and pains are starting to manefest themselves! We left Preston (seemingly famous for its ‘brutalist architecture’ bus station!). We rode out of the city with looming hills in the distance – those of The Lakes no less. We headed to Lancaster with glimpses of the coast on the way in cloudy but perfect cycling weather.

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Day 5 – Shrewsbury to Preston

it was fantastic to be seen off this morning by nine other than Moo Bears himself.

As one of our nominated charities, Oliver, nick named ‘Moo Bears’ lifted our morale massively with his cheeky smiles. Joining his father, Scott Callis of LED Lighting Solutions limited was Eve Gaut of Parrot PR + Marketing and Liz Peck of LPA Lighting. Great to see them and we are so grateful for them taking their time to see us off in the drizzle.

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Day 4 – Bristol and Shrewsbury

Today is a very long day covering 105 miles taking us from Bristol to Shrewsbury.  We also gain higher steadily through the whole day with most of the climbing happy at the latter part of the day.

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Day 3 – Taunton to Cribbs Causeway

Today we are riding for Charlie’s Gift so we donned the red shirts that the charity kindly had made for us.

Leaving Taunton in drizzle didn’t bode well but  it soon cleared as we made are way through small villages in rural Somerset en route to the iconic Cheddar Gorge. This is meant to be our ‘rest day’!

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