Redtree Shawfield

Spectral Lighting has provided its Blade lighting and acoustic system to the Redtree Shawfield office development outside Glasgow. The Red Tree development is a coworking hub to provide contemporary collaborative workspace for start-up businesses and established businesses alike. Providing a flexible space with premium desking required a flexible premium looking lighting system. Arups Glasgow office saw Blade as an ideal solution.


Spectral Blade can be supplied in continuous format or suspended as individual panels. At Redtree they chose individual units to enable flexibility for future partitioning. Also, it was consistent with the aesthetic design of the space which was to reflect an open look. With an exposed metal deck ceiling, the use of Blades enabled some acoustic suppression while still enabling some transparency to the space. The only exception being the meeting rooms where acoustic control was deemed more important and, in these spaces, a higher density of Blades was used.

Meeting Room

Blade also enables other products to be used within the lighting scheme and in break out spaces, a lower density was used to enable more domestic style decorative lighting fixtures to add contrast and colour.

The development has proved highly successful with 12 businesses occupying 82% of the space within a month of opening.

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