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The new acoustic BLADE range from Spectral is a combined luminaire and acoustic panel for the modern office or educational buildings with concrete interiors.

Blade - Acoustic Light Baffle

The suspended vertical blades provide particularly effective acoustic management, while allowing heat to circulate freely into the buildings concrete structure.

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Combining an unobtrusive LED lighting system with acoustic ceiling baffles
consolidates the design into a clean and simple whole

Blade details


Conventional flat acoustic panel systems insulate the concrete soffit from thermal convection within the room. This reduces the overall efficency of the thermal mass cooling system
Blade's vertical panel arrangement allows thermal convection direct passage to the concrete soffit. A reduction of only 3% in cooling efficiency is typical.
How Blade improves the thermal properties of your building
Blade2 Continuous

Blade2 has evolved

The latest iteration of Blade allows more freedom to create your ideal acoustic lighting system.


Separate end caps, and edge to edge LED boards allow the creation of truly continuous lines of light with no shadows or darkening at the joins.


up to 24 luminaires

per row

Integral through wiring with plug and sockets at either end allow for extremely fast installation. The high capacity internal wiring allows for up to 24 luminaires to be mounted end to end from a single power feed.


The wire suspension clutches are now recessed into the luminaire body giving an even cleaner looking installation.

Blade Photometrics

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